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Val Sherer | Book Design & Production for Small Publishers | Personalized Publishing Services
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Book Design & Production
for Small Publishers

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Personalized Publishing Services
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1. Please describe your business.

I love creating beautiful, professional-looking books. I take your MS Word manuscript and put it into InDesign, format it to suit you and send it to the printer electronically. I will work with you on a design that fits your subject. The end product is professional looking and meets the publishing industry standards. I’ll help you make the decisions on where to print (or not) and direct you in getting the information you need to get the job done.

2. Why are you doing what you are doing?

I love to “dive into” a new book project, and have a hard time pulling myself away from my computer once I get going. I love the challenge of different types of books. My portfolio includes, fiction, a variety of non-fiction, including high-end cookbooks, business books, historical books, hunting stories, and lots of picture books for children.

My tagline, “Your book…your way,” means I’ll do what you want, within the limits professional standards. The strangest book I’ve done is a 100+ page book with only one paragraph; I have not attempted to read it and I doubt if many have, but that’s what the client wanted (the layout still looks professional).

3. Give a brief narration of your experience that sets you up to be the Go-To Person for this product or service.

I’ve been creating books since about 1989 and still love doing it. I get the job done in a timely manner and can direct you to any additional services you may need.

4. Do you have future plans . . . or is there another question you would like to answer?

• Questions to help you in your publishing process:
• Has your manuscript been copyedited? (I can refer you to editors.)
• Do you have graphics/photos?
• Have you chosen a printer? Cover design?
• How many copies do you plan to print now? Are you planning on a e-book?
• Do you have an isbn? ( )

“Val Sherer was enormously helpful and knowledgable about getting books ready to send to the printers. We used her services for self publishing four books. They were all very different from each other. One a history book, one a children’s book, one a wild flower book and the last one a guide book. Her eye for detail and her ability to produce results in a timely manner, along with her great design sense made her perfect for our needs. I highly recommend her to you.”

Surrey Blackburn
Former Executive Director, Angel Island Association