Marin Professional Women’s Network mission is to make a difference in the communities of Marin County through sharing and caring. Annually MPWN donates to nonprofits our members have a passion for. Below is a listing of our past giving:

2023: MPWN donated $1,000 to:


Food Awareness
Sanzuma is dedicated to increasing the availability of freshly grown foods through urban farming and policy. Sanzuma’s farm provides organic produce for school meals. We empower school districts with tools and eduction to procure for their land and create farm to cafeteria programs. 

Teaching Techniques
Sanzuma teaches techniques and systems to minimize food insecurity in Marin’s under privileged communities through nutrition education and building community partnerships.  

Nutrition Awareness
Sanzuma mentors school districts and organizations with the ability to offer their community nutrition education and healthy cooking.

Our Nutrition Center provides free bilingual education for kids, their parents, and at-risk adults.

Sanzuma’s nutrition team included RN’s, a  Cardiologist, a nutrition consultant, and an integrative wellness consultant.  

Sandra Merlo, Irene Davis & Lori Davis (Sanzuma), Katie Chase, & Val Sherer

2022: MPWN donated $500 to:

Respecting Our Elders is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 charity organized primarily to collect and distribute free food to needy seniors and others in Marin County.

Their mission is to:

  • Eradicate hunger and poverty in Marin, building more community in the process.
  • Provide a means for food purveyors to lighten their environmental footprint.
  • Establish a viable model to do the above throughout the United States.


2021: MPWN donated $500 to each of the following:

The Food Bank is a lifeline for many. As the pandemic raged, food insecurity increased. Facing challenges, we have pushed our warehouse to its limit. Help us expand to serve over 200,000 people weekly. Join the Campaign for a Future Without Hunger.

WENDESDAY’S GIFT is a volunteer based charity that helps individuals and families in need without delay. Mission is to provide the base necessities of life to Marin County residents on a one-time bases, without delay.

2020: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:

NORTH MARIN COMMUNITY SERVICES mission is to empower youth, adults and families in our diverse community to achieve well-being, growth and success. They envision a strong community with opportunities for all.

North Marin Community Services

MARIN FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATION  mission is to achieve consistent, safe, quality care for the well being of all foster children by providing support services and advocacy to Foster and Adoptive Families, Relative and Non-relative caregivers.

Marin Foster Care Association

2019: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:

SLIDE RANCH  connects children to nature. They cultivate healthy bodies and minds and foster future generations of environmental stewards.

Slide Ranch 2019 MPWN Donation
Shelia Rokeach, Danielle Buoncristiani, Maika Llorene Gulati (Slide Ranch), and Katie Chase

ZERO BREAST CANCER  promotes breast cancer risk reduction through translation of scientific research and evidence-based recommendations that support health and wellness at key stages of life.

Zero Breast Cancer 2019 MPWN Donation
Shelia Rokeach, Genevieve Gandal (Zero Breast Cancer), and Katie Chase

2018: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:

RESPECTING OUR ELDERS which repurposes food from major grocery stores and other large food handlers and distributes it to people in need.

AMBASSADORS OF HOME AN OPPORTUNITY which gives aid to the homeless youth in Marin.

THE CERES PROJECT where teens learn cooking skills while preparing meals for the critically ill.

Teri Wayne, Ruth Schwartz (Respecting Our Elders), Leda Thayer, Sally Carlisle (The Ceres Project), Katie Chase
Claire Buchanan, Sue Kessner, Nick Petty & Zara Babtzke (Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity – AHO Youth Team), Leda Thayer, Teri Wayne, Clair Michael, Val Sherer

2017: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:

FLAGSHIP OF MARIN COUNTY FREE LIBRARY offering free drop-in preschool

Shelia Rokeach with Allie and Bonny

HALLECK CREEK RANCH helping people with disabilities live a life without barriers through therapeutic horseback riding
(Molly & Shannon)

Claire Buchanan with Molly and Shannon

YWCA OF SONOMA with a mission of ending domestic violence through awareness, education and empowerment.

Teri Wayne with Madeleine

2016: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:


Angela Weikel from Center for Domestic Peace



2015: MPWN donated $1,000 to each of the following:

MOVIN’ ON UP organization that helps foster kids who have aged out of the foster system.


Our MPWN members are also involved in the community.
Below are a list of the organizations our members are involved with:

  • ALS nonprofit start up
  • Art Works Downtown
  • Bloom
    Image for Success
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Broadway Bound Kids!
  • Celebrate Life
  • Center for Domestic Peace
  • Churches throughout Marin County
  • Every Dollar Feeds Kids
  • Friends of the Library
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Healthy Child Healthy World
  • Hospice of Marin
  • Marin 100
  • Marin Humain Society
  • Marin Food Bank
  • Novato Human Needs
  • PEO Sisterhood
    women’s scholarships
  • Prescription for Change
  • Respecting Our Elders
  • Rotary
  • Salvation Army
  • St. Judes Children’s Hospital
  • School Volunteering throughout Marin County
  • Unicef
  • United Farm Workers