• To promote a spirit among women of acceptance, respect, empowerment, and support for career-oriented business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

• To generate quality business referrals through heartfelt connections with fellow members.

• To create a more successful business through ongoing personal and professional development.

• To make a difference in the communities of Marin County through sharing and caring.

Vision for 2024

MPWN’s intention for the year is to focus on quality, committed growth through clarity, engagement, and participation.

• MPWN is the leading (Marin) networking group for women who strive to be successful business leaders.

• MPWN exemplifies teamwork, collaboration, connection, and partnership in helping each other grow as professional individuals, successful business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

• Authenticity, integrity and transparency are the norm.

• Communication and policy exemplify simplicity and consistency.

• Behavior that is worthy of a referral is respected and celebrated.

• Fun, humor and enthusiasm are valued and nurtured.

• Being of service to oneself and others is supported.

• Meetings and communication are respectful, to the point and productive.

• Members share a deep gratitude and appreciation for what they both give and get from MPWN.

MPWN Business Networking Meeting
MPWN Business Networking Meeting
Sheila Rokeach