2023 MPWN Committees

Elected Leadership Team Positions:

President: Katie Chase, [email protected]
Past President: Linda Anderson Henry, [email protected]
President Elect: Kathryn Harris, CPA [email protected]
Vice President: Jill Romano, [email protected]
Treasurer: Val Sherer, [email protected]
Secretary: Sandra Merlo, [email protected]

Appointed Leadership Team Positions:

Membership: Danielle Buoncristiani, [email protected]
Educational Moments: Antonia Van Becker, [email protected]
Meeting Coordinator: Claire Buchanan, [email protected]

Committee Positions

Committee Heads
Referral Keeper – Katie Chase
Charitable Giving – Sandra Merlo
Educational Moment – Antonia Van Becker
Elections – Linda Anderson Henry
Evite/Invitations –Leda Thayer
Meeting Coordination – Claire Buchanan
Membership Committee – Danielle Buoncristiani
Social Media Susan Searway-Fertig
Social Events – Sheila Rokeach
Speaker Rotation – Leda Thayer
Timer – Kay Karchevski
Website – Susan Searway-Fertig

Referral Keeper

            Committee Head: Katie Chase

            Committee Members:

Charitable Giving

            Committee Head: Sandra Merlo

            Committee Members: Karen Schneider, Sheila Rokeach, Terrie Burns, Val Sherer

Educational Moment

            Co-Committee Head: Antonia Van Becker

            Committee Members: Jean Kathryn Carlson, Sandra Merlo


            Committee Head: Linda Anderson Henry

            Committee Members:


            Committee Head: Leda Thayer

            Committee Members: Cindy Mackenzie

Meeting Coordination

            Committee Head: Claire Buchanan

            Committee Members:

Membership Committee

            Committee Head: Danielle Buoncristiani

            Committee Members: Cindy Mackenzie, Terrie Burns

Social Media

            Committee Head: Susan Searway-Fertig

            Committee Members:

Social Events

            Committee Head: Sheila Rokeach

            Committee Members: Cindy Mackenzie, Val Sherer

Speaker Rotation

            Committee Head: Leda Thayer

            Committee Members:  Cindy Mackenzie


            Committee Head: Kay Karchevski

            Committee Members: Jean Kathryn Carlson, Jill Romano


            Committee Head: Susan Searway-Fertig

            Committee Members:

Guest Greeter

            Committee Head: To Be Announced

            Committee Members: Claire Buchanan, Sheila Rokeach, Terrie Burns