Educational Moments

At every MPWN meeting, we have Educational Moments designed to help each member build her own business and also to educate our members about solutions for giving and getting better referrals. The networking strategies we learn range from developing targeted infomercials to closing business with new prospective clients. Every member of MPWN learns how to become a member of the marketing team of the other members. As we help others expand their clientele, ours expands as well.

Educational Moments 2024

Each meeting we will offer tools and an “action step” that you can walk away with and implement your next day in your business.

Cindy Mackenzie will lead 1st Quarter: TEDTalks
Karen Schnieder will lead 2nd Quarter
Judi Williams will lead 3rd Quarter
4th Quarter will be lead by all co-chairs

MPWN Member Val Sherer, Personalized Publishing Services
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