Linda Anderson Henry, MBA

Linda Anderson Henry, MBA | Business Strategist | Prosperity Circles
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Business Strategist
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Prosperity Circles
247 Shoreline Hwy , A -11
Mill Valley, CA 94941

I specialize in working with entrepreneurial creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference, make a profit and…have a life. They are awesome at what they do but business and finance aren’t in their wheelhouse.

Since founding Prosperity Circles in 1986, I have been a financial mentor, business coach, and prosperity mindset mentor. I bring 40+ years of corporate and small business experience, as well as a deep commitment to personal and spiritual growth. As a former CFO, I bring a strategic perspective when it comes to business planning, navigating cash flow challenges, making tough budgetary decisions, and growing a business profitably. Having set up accounting systems for the first 12 years of my business, I also know how to “look under the hood” of your finances. 

My education, financial expertise, and personal experience walking this path have given me a unique understanding of the practicality of combining my financial and business expertise with my psychological, spiritual, and prosperity consciousness studies and practices.  Having had a meditation practice for 30 years (and counting) has led to what I call a “whole-brained” approach that is both intuitive and analytical. This combination gives me the ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, and zero in on the heart of the matter with laser focus.

Make a Difference. Make a Profit. Have a Life.

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Business Strategist

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