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Water Purification
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Kay Karchevski | MPWN Presentation | Feb 18 2022

For a sustainable solution to your drinking and cooking water needs, consider filtering your tap water at home with a high quality drinking water system. The highest quality filter in my experience is Multi-Pure™. You get better water (tested/certified by NSF) for less (less than 10 cents per gallon) at home (convenient, unlimited running water at your sink).

As an environmentalist with a “specialty” in zero waste, I’ve found that a Multi-Pure drinking water system in your home and/or office is the best answer to good quality water while making the least impact on the planet. Did you know that the total energy required to manufacture, fill, transport and dispose of a bottle of water would fill that bottle with oil?

I studied Medical Technology in college and have done clinical laboratory chemistry in various hospitals and doctor’s offices. I’ve learned that the key to healthy living starts with clean water. In addition, my 29 years of experience in the water filtration business enables me to help clients make a decision on what solution works best for them.

This business excites me because I can help people find a healthy environmental solution to drinking and cooking water issues while at the same time saving money and time (convenience). That’s a win-win for all.

Multi-Pure® – The most effective, healthiest addition to your home or office. Save money,  save time, save the environment!

Multi Pure

• portable countertop or installed below sink models
• life-time housing warranty
• reduces the widest range of contaminants of health concern
• offers protection from old pipes (yours or the water district’s)
• economical: unlimited supply of water for less than $1.50/week
• all credit cards accepted, 0% financing available

Call Kay at (415) 457-3627 or go to www.H2Olady.com