Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn Carlson | EFT/Tapping | Vibrant Living Alchemy
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Jean Kathryn Carlson | Business Presentation | Feb 19 2021

I am a Vibrant Living Alchemist who has discovered the magic and power in combining the wisdom of night time dreams with the wisdom of the body. I have recorded over 7,000 dreams over the last three decades and worked with hundreds more. I especially appreciate nightmares since they always come with urgent and great gifts.

Although entering the land of dreams was my focus for many years it wasn’t until I was introduced to EFT or Tapping to dreamplay that I knew I had found my “thing”. Indeed, tapping has allowed my clients to go more deeply into dreams or waking fears, limiting beliefs and the like and come out feeling empowered and ready to rewrite their story.

We are living in times of dire beauty, times where the media would keep us in a perpetual state of fear. I am passionate about dreams and tapping because they can support us in reclaiming our innate sense of well being. My biggest reason for doing what I do is to expand our capacity for unconditional joy and not allow any external force to have power over our happiness.

Three compliments I regularly receive from my clients go far in characterizing my work with people. First, they talk about the powerful questions I ask and how between the questions and my deep listening they remember and come up with wisdom that surprises them. Secondly they talk about how safe they feel with me and how solid the container feels. Often I’m told they have had difficulty expressing emotion and yet with me it is different. Finally, they talk about how I so masterfully connect the dots from seemingly unconnected events to help them see the patterns that have been keeping them stuck. Anytime I receive a compliment in these areas it brings a huge smile to my face because I receive tremendous pleasure from setting the container, asking the questions and connecting the dots.

These days I am especially passionate about turning around the fear around finance and money that I see in society in general and among entrepreneurial women in specific. EFT/Tapping works beautifully to create shifts from old stories of lack to new stories of abundance.