Jane Alaimo

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Jane the Bookkeeper

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Please describe your business. 
I am a bookkeeping professional, serving female solopreneurs who work in the healing arts (such as animal communicators, intuitive healers, coaches/teachers, therapists or nutritionists). I use QuickBooks Online to maintain accurate, up-to-date financial information, helping small business owners feel organized and confident that their books are squeaky clean and current.

Why are you doing what you are doing? 
Well, I love the healing arts – and have formally studied feng shui, holistic nutrition & Reiki myself. While I have many diverse interests, I’ve always had a mind (and a love) for numbers – from grade school right through college. In 2017 I took my first accounting class….. after which I decided that I could use that love of numbers to support the healers I so admire. Shortly thereafter Jane the Bookkeeper went from vision to reality.

Give a brief narration of your experience that sets you up to be the Go-To Person for this service. 
As a “numbers gal” with a whole-hearted interest in the healing arts (whether environmental, physical, emotional, or spiritual) — I will strive to understand you, “get” what you do in your work, and understand your commitment to promoting health and well-being in the world. It won’t be just about numbers. It will also be about connection, trust, and partnership.

What are the 2-3 things that you like most about your business? 
What I like most about my business are the creative, committed people I work with; the difference they are making in the world; and the difference I can make by helping them feel more organized financially. I love being connected to this tribe and supporting them behind-the-scenes so they can stay focused on doing their best work.

What are you currently learning? 
At this time, I’m learning about cultivating abundance using the phases of the moon.