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Claire Buchanan | Homemade Dog Biscuits & Chocolates | Saute 2000
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Homemade Dog Biscuits
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Homemade Biscuits for Dogs & Chocolates
775 E. Blithesdale Avenue #251
Mill Valley, Ca 94941-1554

I was compelled to create for commercial distribution crunchy, delicious dog treats from fresh, organic ingredients provided by known and trusted local vendors after pet food contaminated with Chinese melamine killed and injured dozens of dogs and cats in 2007. I named my company Saute2000 and named my dog biscuit varieties “Bowwowscotti.”

In order to ensure the highest quality control, I personally produce each batch in my spotless Mill Valley, California, kitchen. All of my biscuits are fresh baked and never stored in a warehouse. The biscuits move from the kitchen to retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area and to the public by means of the Internet.

Every year, I contribute a portion of my proceeds to worthy canine rescue organizations such as the Marin Humane Society and American Brittany Rescue.

Next, I started creating human treats, first sea-salted caramel chocolates and I add a new flavor every now and then.

I invite you to learn more about dog biscuits, my chocolates, and more at: