Toni Ahlgren

Toni Ahlgren

Toni Ahlgren | Organizer & Custom Closets | Clearly Organized
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Organizer & Custom Closets
Clearly Organized
454 Las Gallinas Ave #354
San Rafael CA 94903

I’ve been a professional organizer, helping clients simplify their lives and work routines, for 30 years. Often acting as a “trash coach,” I help my clients get rid of thing and paper they no longer need or want. Then we organize what’s left. That can mean setting up a simple, workable file system (my favorite), putting like things together (such as toys or memorabilia), and making space so belongings are easy to find and put away.

In addition, I specialize in designing closets, using an excellent builder to make our designs come to life. The right closet makes getting the first chore of the day—getting dressed—a pleasure. A well-designed closet not only keeps your clothes visible and accessible, but increases the value of your property. Besides closets, we build media centers, home offices, and storage systems in garages.

Call me if you or someone you know needs help with

• Upgrading a closet
• More storage
• Clearing clutter
• Pulling together your tax information
• Setting up a filing system
• Handling the mail
• Setting up electronic bill pay or Quicken