Terrie Burns

Terrie Burns | Clairvoyant Intuitive | Spiritual Catalyst|
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Clairvoyant Intuitive
Spiritual Catalyst
43 Briar Road
Kentfield, CA 94904
cell 415.250.7781

I am a clairvoyant intuitive advisor and coach. I have been using my awareness to watch and read energy since I was a child. People and their creations are far more fascinating for me to read than books. In fact, they are my books. My business uses this gift to help move energy blocks that interfere with people’s abilities to create, be clear and take next steps in their career, business, health and relationships.

After 35 years in the field of education, including teaching, counseling and developing communication strategies and over 20 years of professionally reading energy, I have combined my communication skills with my unique intuitive clairvoyant abilities. This blend of communication and energy work facilitate a unique and highly personal transformational environment for personal growth and movement.

My passion is to help individuals, families and companies take ownership of their creative space. The unfolding of our lives is all about the creative force within us. It makes my heart sing to gets things moving so resolution can happen. My sessions are simple, profound and fun. I love being of service. Since it’s my aware perspective that is my gift, I write and send out a free online mailing call “Simple Truths”. Each one contains a simple truth that is pulled through me by my readers to assist them in clarifying their truth and manifesting their lives with grace and ease.  

Terrie Burns