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Business Communication, Copywriting & Editing
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Sandra Merlo
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Do you remember when a search on the internet brought up hundreds of possible answers? Today it can be millions. Experts say we have only seven seconds before a viewer decides whether to stay on our site or to move on, whether to read our promotional materials or not. I help you make those seven seconds count.

I have always been a writer. I remember crafting a play at 11. Writing for money came easy in college when graduate students needed help with their theses. Writing for universities, government, and corporations turned into business consulting which became a corporate business in itself. Today, I also write for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Let me help you to stand out. When you (or your referral) see the need for an intuitive, grounded solution, think of me. Let my inquisitive mind come up with a strategy to help you become the #1 person in your field, the person who comes to mind when there is a need in your area of expertise. Compelling language—exactly the right words—plays a major role.

Seven seconds to interest, attract, and inspire customers to choose you. And many more seconds to maintain their interest. Make the most of it. Let me help you stand out.

My vision
I see a world where local businesses are the pillars of their communities. Where women know in their hearts and minds that they form the foundation of the places where they live, love, and thrive. Where they form personal and business alliances with like-minded women and men for the benefit of themselves and of their communities. Where sisterhood is always at the forefront. Where our personal power and prosperity grow exponentially.

My background
With a BA and French and another in Spanish, my passion in college was exploring life through the literature of other cultures through the ages. My MA is in French, followed by several years at UC, Berkeley, where I focused on research and development (R&D) in education and learning. I was the author of a series of books on bringing the latest R&D into the classroom. From there, I went into teacher and administrator training, then segued into corporate training and business process design for clients such as PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, American President Lines, Alameda County Courts, Lexington and Fayette County in Kentucky, Pacific Telesis, and EDF in Paris, France. Today, I like to work locally, helping entrepreneurs to build their businesses and to market themselves with insight and planning.

Locally, I managed the election campaign of Tina McMillan. I have created the content for websites of entrepreneurs like Michael Wayne Jackson, Tina, BB Communication, SoluNeem, Inc., and more.

Let us grow together. I offer a special 2-hour analysis of your website or marketing materials for $119. My clients receive a thorough report with suggestions for the future.