Jenni Someillan, PT, DPT

Jenni Someillan, PT, DPT | Certified Schroth-based Scoliosis Physical Therapist | Scoliosis Solutions
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Physical Therapist
Specializing in Scoliosis and Ankle/Foot Rehabilitation

712 D Street Suite L
​San Rafael, CA 94901

Jenni Someillan, PT, DPT, BSPTS Schroth Physical therapist in San Rafael, CA. Inspired to specialize in non-operative scoliosis rehabilitation ever since she learned how to recover from her own debilitating experience with scoliosis. After Jenni discovered the Schroth method, she studied, trained and practiced this method on her own spine. This first-hand experience gives her the unique ability to understand her patients’ experience and how to facilitate the most effective corrections to support the spine in an optimal alignment. Jenni feels grateful to have found balance through the Schroth method and is passionate about sharing this method with others to help them find balance, resolve pain and live an active life.

Her educational background includes unique mentoring programs from seasoned therapists trained at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center, clinical instruction associated with UCSF at San Francisco General Hospital and continued education through Kaiser Physical Therapy Residency Program. Jenni has continued to enhance her skills as an orthopedic PT through advanced manual therapy courses, master level foot/ankle rehabilitation trainings and scoliosis rehabilitation trainings. Jenni completed her scoliosis training directly under Dr. Rigo (developer of the Rigo System Cheneau Brace, one of the founders of SOSORT, world-renowned scoliosis expert and founder of the Barcelona Scoliosis Physiotherapy School).