Dr. Sydne Pomin, DC

DR. Sydne Pomin, DC | Chiropractor | Tam Chiropractic
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Tam Chiropractic
712 D Street, Suite E
San Rafael, CA 94901

1. In one or two sentences, please describe your business.

Pain can impact the things we love and take away quality of life.  At Tam Chiropractic we focus on finding the root cause to your pain or complaint.  After a complete analysis, we put together a plan for a solution that is cost and time effective to get you back to the things you love as soon as possible.    

2. Why are you doing what you are doing?

We have seen our medical system become overwhelmed with chronic pain. We pride ourselves on being a conservative solution to this epidemic getting people better faster without drugs and surgery.  

3. Give a brief narration of your experience that sets you up to be the Go-To Person for this product or service.

Dr. Sydne, a self proclaimed “research geek”, is constantly updating and changing protocols that represent the most recent information available to her patients to improve results and return people back to their favorite activities.

4. What are the 2-3 things that you like most about your business?

We love to be of service to the amazing community of Marin County! We are lucky and grateful to be a support for so many awesome people!!