Christina Gerber, BA, CMT

Christina Gerber, BA, CMT | Massage Therapist | Relax & Renew with Warm Bamboo Massage!
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Massage Therapist
Relax & Renew with Warm
Bamboo Massage!

Warm Bamboo Massage by Christina is a practice for Women only.
I do see Men, only by Referral.

Sounds exotic doesn’t it? This magical modality uses moist-heated, smooth dowel-shaped bamboo tools to eleevate yoru relaxation. The heat and pressurel allows muscles and joints to relax with ease. The *Fusion* of swedish with deep tissue and essential oils is ultra-transformative. The slow kneading, rolling and pressing techniques of bamboo, makes each session ceremonial-like and deeply satisfying.

Every stress-reducing session is different, tailored to the needs of the individual. Elders, youth and athletes all find it soothing, and nurturing.

Just looking to rleax or rev up yoru self care to stay strong and helathy?

Perhaps you appreciate a penetrating deep tissue or lymphatic session? Many declare the effects of Warm Bamboo, or “Bamboo Fusion”, massage last longer than any other type of massage they ever received!

The hand-blended organic essential oils also help heal more deeply on other levels. I combine energy work as you wish, being trained in many modalities with more than 25+ years of experience.

I provide professional, relaxing therapeutic stress reduction services in order to provide my clients with a variety of benefits.

You may be wondering how might this magical stress-reducing session help you?


• Stiffness and motion limitations
• Pain and inflammation 
• Blood Pressure


• Flexibility
• Blood flow


• Mood (by releasing endorphins)
• Sleep, REM and deep rest
• Oxygen and blood flow to your organs stimulating your immune system
• Digestion and elimination
• Lymphatic flow

I invite you to contact my office today and experience a therapeutic Warm Bamboo Massage.

Intricate healing with animals

In health and relaxation,
Christina Gerber, CMT, Certified Stress Reduction Therapist